It was in 1966 that I took my first overseas group tour.  I was a passenger with 8 others from this area and the bus was filled with passengers from many areas of the East Coast.  The tour company was owned and operated by a senior couple from Buffalo, NY and I became good friends of the couple.   That is when I got bitten by the travel bug.  The following year they invited me to go with them to Mexico.  That was an extensive tour of Mexico, from Merida in southeast Mexico via bus and two weeks later out northern  Mexico into the United States and on to New Orleans and then back to Buffalo.  The next year they invited me to go with them and help them as they traveled with two buses to the West Coast and Canada.  And so the rest is history.

When I returned from that tour I went to DC for business school and got what I thought would be a temporary job, but that turned into 22 years at Eastman Kodak.  During those years I planned tours and led groups on my vacation time.  It was in 1987 that I officially organized Diakonia Travel.  Diakonia is a Greek word meaning to serve that I came across while teaching Sunday School.  Churches that have deacons - - - that is where the word comes from.  Since that time I have been blessed with tours to many parts of the world.  I have met wonderful people and seen so many beautiful sights.

For many of my tours I do the research, looking for unique and interesting sights to visit.  On the long overnight tours when I do not have a guide, I make a folder (20 - 30 pages) following the route of the tour giving some history and information about the area through which we are traveling.  Some of my passengers enjoy reading the information as we travel along and then when they get home they refer to this information for organizing their pictures.

There is so much beauty not only in the United States, but also in the world.  I have taken 10 groups to Alaska  as I sincerely love Alaska and have covered much of it.  Click on the Tours tab above to look at my scheduled tours or visit my facebook page.  If you need more information please phone or email me.  I have a very good rating with the Better Business Bureau.  Many tell me how much they like my tours and many have returned often for other tours.  So give me a chance to prove it to you.  There is ample space available on all tours for 2014.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Clara R. Green

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©copyright Diakonia Travel              Designed and hosted by E Plus Copy Center
Anchorage Alaska
Anchorage Alaska